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Duration : 105 x 45 'mn | From : BRAZIL | Creator : John Ximenes Braga | Year : 2010


Amoving tale of courage and resilience in the struggle for freedom – this is the role that life has cast for headstrong Morena (Nanda Costa) in Woman in Battle. Raised in a poor neighborhood in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, this tough, yet humble woman will spare no eort to protect her family and gain her independence. Morena gave birth to Junior (Luiz Felipe Mello) when she was still a teenager and her mother Lucimar (Dira Paes) helps her to support him. Though unemployed, she manages to garner strength and resolve in order to forge her own path. In the neighborhood, Morena meets Theo (Rodrigo Lombardi), a cavalry ocer who is charmed by her spontaneity and sensuality. They fall in love, unaware that love does not conquer all. Motivated by the prospect of a better future and facing eviction, Morena accepts a job oer to work in Turkey for a few months. Her decision, however, not only ends her engagement to Theo, who disapproves of her trip, but leads to her being a victim of an international human tracking ring. Cunning Wanda (Totia Meirelles), who oered Morena what turns out to be a cticious job, works with Livia (Claudia Raia), a sophisticated, intelligent and seemingly irreproachable woman. The truth, however, tells a dierent story: although she claims to be a world renowned talent agent, Livia is in fact head of an international human tracking organization which generates billions of dollars every year. Upon arriving in Turkey, Morena is forced to work at a dreary nightclub where Russo (Adriano Garib), head of security and member of the ring, constantly intimidates young women by threatening to harm their families in Brazil. Despite being held captive, Morena refuses to accept her fate and decides to ght against the crime that victimized her. Together with her ill-fated companions, she counts on the help of Police Chief Heloísa (Giovanna Antonelli) to take down the ring’s villainous scheme. On top of such diculties, Morena also has to deal with another challenging mission: to regain Theo’s love and trust. Theo still loves her but has since entered into a new romantic relationship and is determined to forget her. With ravishingly beautiful scenes shot in Istanbul and Cappadocia, Brave Woman assembles a distinguished international cast to narrate Morena’s forceful battle against all kinds of injustice – a woman’s ght for the triumph of love and liberty.



Avenida Brazil