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Duration : 120 x 90'mn | From : BRAZIL | Creator : Jayme Monjardim, Leonardo Nogueira | Year : 2013


The exhilarating story of love and adventure of Caribbean Flower is set in the astonishing and fictitious beach town Vila dos Ventos, amid sand dunes, salt works and stunning beaches. Cassiano (Henri Castelli), an air force fighter pilot and squadron leader, and Ester (Grazi Massafera), a tourist guide who provides local dune buggy rides, falls madly in love at a young age. Although their love continues to grow throughout the years, their lives change completely after a treacherous plot is carried out by Alberto (Igor Rickli), the couple’s childhood friend and heir to the wealthy Albuquerque family fortune. The villain secretly and obsessively nurtures his love for the young woman and wishes to get rid of Cassiano at any cost. Upon the request of his grandfather Dionísio (Sérgio Mamberti), Alberto assumes control of the Albuquerque Conglomerate, and sets a trap for Cassiano. He asks the pilot to fly to the Caribbean to deliver a shipment of diamonds to an important buyer. The trip will supposedly help solve labor issues facing many local salt work employees, including Cassiano’s father. In reality, the shipment is filled with salt rocks that resemble diamonds and the buyer is the powerful Dom Rafael (César Troncoso), a violent gem dealer. Cassiano suddenly disappears and is presumed dead but remains alive, contrary to what Dom Rafael tells Alberto and Ester. In fact, Cassiano’s life is spared and he is maintained in captivity for years. Alberto takes the opportunity to comfort Ester. Upon returning from a search and rescue operation in the Caribbean, she discovers she is bearing Cassiano’s child. Seeing Alberto as a close friend and practically a father to her son, Ester gives in to his advances and the two marry. At last, Alberto fulfills his evil plan. Over the years Alberto becomes a good father to little Samuca and the daughter he has with Ester, Laurinha.



Avenida Brazil