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Duration : 150 x 52'mn | From : ISRAEl | Creator : Dori Media International | Year : 2007


Lalo, the editor in chief of a successful men's magazine, leads his team with the same bravado with which he leads his life. He is an incurable womanizer, who sees women as mere objects: available for his pleasure, disposable like old socks. He is careless of the trail of victims he leaves behind and is about to get a bitter taste of his own medicine… Lalo does not think twice before dumping Romina, his latest - and soon to be his last - conquest, the morning after their night together. But this time, Lalo has messed with the wrong woman. The scorned and vindictive Romina decides to teach him a lesson and – with the help of a witch - casts a spell on him. The next morning, to his great shock and terror, Lalo wakes up in the body of a beautiful woman... Feeling trapped and lost, he turns to his best friend Grace, who has been secretly in love with him for years. The two set out to look for Romina, but she is nowhere to be found. Having no other life, Lalo is forced to come to grips with his new identity and face the world as a woman, with Grace's help. In order to keep up with his responsibilities at the magazine, he passes himself as Lola, his alleged cousin, there to assume his position until his supposed return from abroad. Lola becomes the victim of the male chauvinistic behavior that she, as Lalo, helped cultivate in the magazine. She is no longer 'one of the guys' and her female colleagues hold no respect for her, assuming her quick ascension is due to favors rendered to the male personnel. In spite of having the professional profile usually admired in men, Lola is underestimated simply for being a woman. However, she uses her knowledge of the inner workings of men to her advantage and counterattacks with her newly discovered feminine shrewdness. Matters get even more complicated for Lola when she is inexplicably attracted to her co-worker Facundo, who is dazzled by her from first sight. Lola's growing feelings towards him sway her to assume her womanhood forever, until Romina reappears in her life with a tempting offer: regain her old life as a man… Will Lola accept Romina's offer or will she leave her past behind for Facundo and a chance at true love? ...



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