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Duration : 160 x 48'mn | From : BRAZIL | Creator : Carlos Araújo and Luiz Henrique Rios | Year : 2010


Paraíso Tropical is a modern-day urban story that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, where Antenor Cavalcanti has his luxurious hotel company headquarters. Despite his vast fortune, Antenor is bitter for not having an heir to his empire. The search for a successor provokes the beginning of a clash between two young and talented executives of his group: Daniel Bastos, a lad of simple origins and excellent character, who is not only handsome and charming, but also intelligent and skilled, and Olavo Novaes, an ambitious and unscrupulous man who is ready to fight for the position, at any cost. To fight against Olavo‘s treacherous plans, Daniel will have the help of the sweet and sensitive Paula, a young lady raised as an only child who founds, on the eve of her mother‘s death, that she is adopted and has a family. What Paula does not know is that she has an identical twin sister, the wicked Taís, who is as ambitious and unscrupulous as the man who becomes her main ally, Olavo Novaes.Antenor, for his part, decides on having an heir when he meets the headstrong and honest Lúcia, a woman who will make this cold businessman find true love is and a real reason to live. Tropical Paradise is a telenovela that shows the battle between good and evil, with a whimsical glamour and a right dose of humor to win over your audience.



Avenida Brazil